Southern Comfort

On Thursday, Harold and I drove up to Richmond for Wizard World Comic Con, where Harold had a table signing copies of Screamland and some of his more recent artwork. We stayed at a hilariously awful hotel, because I simply refuse to learn that when a hotel has a very good location and very low price, there is always a reason.

But when we got into town, we went straight to comfort, a Southern, comfort-food restaurant on Broad Street. (Conveniently located between the comic con and the sketchy hotel!)  comfort was active, not crowded on this Thursday night, and we  were seated immediately. We got a lovely  window table, which was pretty much the best thing ever. Richmond at night is all old brick with new neon, and downtown has a lot of foot traffic, and it wasn’t all that hard to pretend I still lived in Brooklyn.


Although I really wanted to try the whole cocktail list (in the interests of blog reviewing, obviously), I just got a Jack Rose.

Harold is always hungry, though, so we ordered before I completely devoted myself to people-watching. comfort has a selection of Southern main courses, like pulled pork and fried catfish, served with a selection of side dishes like okra and grits. As you know, I pretty much hate everything about living in the South except Harold and my job. Also okra. The South does a nice okra.

Overall, comfort does a great everything. I’ve had good barbecue and fried catfish and okra before, but it’s somehow less appealing off melting styrofoam plates, served on greasy tables. comfort’s decor and atmosphere were Brooklyn-good, even if the service was definitely on a southern schedule, not New York time.

200 W. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23220
Comfort on Urbanspoon

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