Design Flaw

Recently, I’ve been feeling awful, just kind of dragging myself through things, and I have a great deal to do for class, regular work, freelance work and apparently if I don’t wash my clothes, they won’t clean themselves. Design flaw.

I can’t figure out if the way to out from under is to just power through it, work just as hard as I can to complete things. It’s been pretty hard to focus, but I’ll feel better for having accomplished something, and then I’ll rest better and feel better, and get into a positive cycle instead of a negative one.

Or maybe I should quit telling myself to work and power through, and actually acknowledge that I find myself zoning out instead of completing anything. In that case, I should shut off the computer, have something nice to eat, read a book for a while, and come back to it later when I’m in a better mindset. I’ll do better work because of it. and feel accomplished and get into that positive cycle.

But mostly I’ve been compromising between the power-through and self-care methods by eating horribly and doing sloppy work. Adulthood!

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  1. Priya says:

    I’m going through the same. This weekend was supposed to be productive.. but then I kept getting distracted. I think I just need to find out what works for me.

  2. Life needs cheat codes.

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