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When Booth Babes Go Bad

As a girl reporter, I know I’m not supposed to like booth babes, but I actually found them to be part of the sensory overload of music and lights and scenery and action that gives the E3 show floor such … Continue reading

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Dewey Defeats Truman

My dad really loves this picture of President Truman. I’ve thought about this photo from time to time when I thought I was faced with insurmountable obstacles, and it’s always been an inspiring and/or comforting image. Right now, though, as … Continue reading

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Cadbury Egg!

We got a package from Scep and Katie today…. guess what was in it? YEAH!!! (If you’re wondering what’s going on with my hair here, this picture presents firm evidence that when enough people say it’s yellow, my hair decides … Continue reading

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Page Not Found

I’ve been searching YouTube for a filmclip of today’s torch ceremony for the Beijing Olympics FAN! blog, but something in my search terms keeps giving me a Page Not Found. When I get the 404, it blocks anything else on … Continue reading

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Olympic Regrets Podcast

I’ve having trouble linking directly to the episode (seems like some parts of the BBC’s site are accessible but others are 404), but if you go to their podcasts page, you can get the March 27th episode, called “Is China … Continue reading

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Snacking With Trimalchio

When I lived in Yantai, I believed I had been offered every bit of sealife imaginable. Like most theories I had about China, this turned out to be inaccurate. I think the seahorses might have been a novelty item even … Continue reading

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Mr. and Mrs. Pancake

This is where Stick and I go for lunch most days. All the delights of crispy egg pancakes, and one of the cleanest carts I’ve seen. They also have an amazing, superfast pancake-making rhythm. Mrs. Pancake rolls the dough, then … Continue reading

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WarCraft Cards

Stick and I really need a router…. right now only one of us can be on the internet at a time so we can’t play WoW together. Also he can’t play WoW very much because I am always blogging or … Continue reading

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Post Office

Related posts: The same post office in March, 2008.

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You’d Have Thought The Same Thing

They took Stick’s toothpaste away before they’d let us on the plane, but we got more toothpaste easily at a shop near our new place. But last night before bed I was simultaneously wondering why the toothpaste tasted funny and … Continue reading

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