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The Interestings

I’m listening to Meg Wolitzer’s The Interestings in the car now, a great improvement over The One And Only. While I wouldn’t say the book is making me enjoy driving, it does make me dread driving less, so that’s something, … Continue reading

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‘Rich Kids of Instagram’: Satyricon and the City

Rich Kids of Instagram is a Tumblr of, well, rich kids posing with their expensive stuff. Whether it’s yachts, sports cars, resorts or dropping $10,000 on cosmetics, the Tumblr recalls late-Roman excesses. It’s hard to tear my eyes away, and … Continue reading

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Editorial and Supernatural Adventures in ‘Ghost Train To New Orleans’

My cousin Andrea got me The Shambling Guide to New York City for Christmas, and I just loved it. Then I received an ARC of Ghost Train to New Orleans, the second book of Zoe and her adventures.  I like … Continue reading

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An Etiquette Guide To The End Times

In Maia Sepp’s novella An Etiquette Guide to the End Times, Olive writes a blog answering etiquette questions for well-mannered survivalists in the semi-collapsed society. Just because the earth grows warmer every year, beachfront property is now underwater property, and … Continue reading

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It Was 7 Minutes After Midnight

I have just uncovered a vast conspiracy. Remember all those books we had to read in high school English classes? Sometimes they didn’t make sense and when we asked why, we’d be told that the novel was stream-of-consciousness writing and … Continue reading

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