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Hamburger Helpful

  Yesterday I had a Chinese lesson through my school. I was quite happy that we had a structured lesson, and I was even happier when one of my coworkers joined me. We were given a dialogue where one person orders a hamburger … Continue reading

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Montclair Filament

I started reading Elisabeth Egan’s A Window Opens shortly before I left for Yangzhou, but for some reason, moving to China and immediately losing my suitcase put me slightly behind on my reading and blogging.  I mean, I could have just … Continue reading

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Legit Concerns, Best Laid Plans, Whatever

When Harold and I started dating, we were working together at Next Island. I really loved working with him, whether it was there, or last summer when we worked on Star Trek: Rivals together, or when we met at Merscom five … Continue reading

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The Austen Test

A couple days before my wedding (wow, I got married, that is still sinking in), my mom, my dad, Harold and I were talking about Call The Midwife. Actually, my mom and I were talking about what a great show it is, while Harold and … Continue reading

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TLDR: Z Achieved

So of course I have delivery tracking for my visa, and I’m not saying that I’ve been refreshing that page obsessively, but yesterday morning, I saw it left the center in Durham and was on the final leg of the … Continue reading

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In Which I Completely Love A Prequel

Maia Sepp’s new novel Wake, takes place before her previous book, The Etiquette Guide To The End Times. I don’t usually like prequels (SORRY MAIA!) because they have to be so, so good to let readers overlook that the definition of prequel … Continue reading

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Oil Changes Are Awesome!

There’s usually a bit of paperwork hassle dealing with things that Harold and I share, but are in one person’s name, like whenever one of us wants to pay a bill that’s in the other person’s name. So I was a expecting a bit … Continue reading

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Also The Whole Thing Really

One of the common complaints about social media is that people who are Instagramming or livetweeting their experiences, aren’t really “present” in the moment they’re recording, and are therefore enjoying things incorrectly.  I usually don’t understand this complaint, and it … Continue reading

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First Step: Proving I Don’t Have Leprosy

 I’ve been talking around this for a bit, mentioning my Chinese lessons and alluding to future changes, but with my work visa in the works, now it seems like it’s really happening. I’m going back to China for a few months to teach. … Continue reading

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Destroying Daleks in “Doctor Who Legacy”

I discovered Doctor Who Legacy when some of the kids at a homeschool convention saw my Tardis necklace, and told me all their favorite Doctor Who games and episodes. When one of the kids showed me this game on his iPad, … Continue reading

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