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Meteolojinx Recanto

I wrote this a while ago, right after it happened, but I thought it was too negative, and didn’t post it. Recently, I got into a discussion about whether we’d recommend our rental company to friends, and I had to … Continue reading

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Responsible Adult

After a pretty endless slog, Harold got some good career news yesterday, and so I stopped on the way home to buy a nice bottle for a toast, like adults do.  Anyway, I picked out a nice prosecco for Harold, … Continue reading

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The History of Rome

IT WAS THE WORST YEAR IN the history of Rome. Well, perhaps it wasn’t quite that bad. — Opening line of John Maddox Roberts’ SPQR VIII: The River God’s Vengeance (The SPQR Roman Mysteries) This whole series is great, but … Continue reading

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Heading out to Madison with Harold.

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Blog Birthday

April makes ten years that I’ve been blogging, which is longer than I’ve done just about anything. I even blogged from behind the Great Firewall of China for two of those ten years. In honor of my decade writing my … Continue reading

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Video Game Industry Rant — luckysipe’s old man blog

Harold has a good post up about monetizing in games, and I wanted to share it here: So, I was at a game demo event a couple of years ago in NYC. This sort of thing was mostly attended by … Continue reading

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Local Search Terms

Harold and I are in the car, when I notice a familiar name on a sign. Meg: Oh, that’s what *local business* is! I’ve been wondering who they are because they follow me on Twitter. I wonder how they found … Continue reading

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Adventures, Games, Harold

Sometimes it’s challenging to work in games and have a partner who also works in games. Sometimes the very idea of having two stable game jobs at two different studios in the same city seems completely insane, impossible and ridiculous. … Continue reading

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Surfer, Muppet, Gun, What?

My App Design 3 students are doing a math-heavy assignment, and as I explained what they were doing, I threw out a couple of Chinese  number handsigns, meant to emphasize that there were 6 sides on a die so 7 … Continue reading

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Still Life With Tardis

Harold is at my parents’ house, after driving up for a meeting and then getting caught into the snowstorm. I’m really glad he’s spending the night there, and not on the road in a blizzard, but it’s sad to be … Continue reading

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I Guess I Could Read The Walltext

I enjoy going to the museum with Harold — I like both Harold and art museums very much — but  we go off in opposite directions immediately. There is almost no overlap in our interests here. I wave him over … Continue reading

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Strophe and Antistrophe

There is a theme in the tragic Greek myths of repetition. Sisyphus pushing that stupid rock up that stupid hill, and Tantalus thinking that this time he’s really going to get a sip of water. And Prometheus, chained to the … Continue reading

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Not Intended For Children

Dear Chicago Public Library, This isn’t a children’s book. You are making a terrible mistake. Via Harold’s blog

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The Subway Bride

The Subway Bride is out! I’m really excited to share this one. You can read my story, and my amazing Southern author bio here.  I usually have a lot of trouble writing author bios, but not this time. The author … Continue reading

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Harold brought me flowers at work! I was in a meeting when he came by, so Harold left them with the receptionist, Dave. When I came out of the meeting, my whole office asked me what the occasion could be and … Continue reading

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