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Instagrammar – (n.) Communication entirely or largely through hashtagged words. Usage: Check out my #new #word Instagrammar! #OED #Dictionary2.0 #improvingtheEnglishlanguage #WOTD

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The Knifefight Principle

So Figment has an idea for a social game with optional premium content. The basic concept is a multiplayer knifefight on the Facebook platform. Anyone can play free, but getting a knife costs extra. For a gold membership, he explains … Continue reading

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Shuffleupagus (n) A person who shuffles around papers and office supplies in an attempt to look busy, expending more energy on the shuffling than he would doing actual work. This comes from Michelle, formerly of Faster Than The World, but … Continue reading

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Nerd Flu

Nerd flu – (n.) – The post-convention malaise caused by flying across the country, not sleeping properly and touching the same game controllers every one else is touching. (Wish I had made this one up, but I actually heard it from a guy in the press … Continue reading

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Meanderthal — 1) n. A dull-witted student moving through his workbook at his own special pace. 2) v. The behavior of such a student. Usage: John’s parents were so wealthy and well-connected that he meanderthaled through three years of English … Continue reading

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Facebook Fervor

I joined Facebook three years ago because I’m internet obsessed hip to all web trends, and in that time, Facebook’s added a lot of cool features. You can list your course schedule and search for users by class. You can … Continue reading

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Shandong Stomach

Shandong stomach — 1) n. Unexplained intestinal disturbance requiring immediate and frequent trips to the bathroom. Usage: He won’t be in today, he’s got Shandong stomach. Return to the dictionary.

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