Why I Love Kristine

Before I lived with Kristine, I would never have watched Pokémon, and if I did, I wouldn’t know that Charizard is a fire Pokémon or that he’s another step on the Charmander evolutionary track.

I would never have rooted for the snakes in a horror movie. I would definately never have said “Don’t worry, he’s not poisonous,” to the terrified heroine. Pre-Kristine, I’d never done homework with a snake around my ankles, or wondered if we should let the snake loose to catch the unseen-but-noisy house mouse. And I’d still associate the sound of crickets chirping with emptiness, not dinner call for the reptile buffet.

I realized how much I love Kristine when I was away for a week. As Stick and I explored Raleigh, I kept noticing things Kristine would like. Sometimes these things were roadkill, but hey, I know what she’d like best.

Edit: Before Kristine, I would never have said “Peeing on you is just his way of showing you he loves you.”

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