My job at Lonely Hearts is a lot like everyone else’s office job, only I’m supposed to be gossiping on the phone all day.

Sometimes two members will go on the same date and have completely different experiences. (Sometimes this happens to Stick and me, too) When this happens, both parties call me and tell me in great detail how awesome/horrible the other person is. Sometimes the woman will say “Can you believe he made me drive?” and the man says “She liked me so much, she picked me up at my house!” Often, one person will say “We had a great conversation last night,” and the other will say “The self-centered jerk didn’t let me get a word in!”

Today a woman called me to tell me about a date she had last weekend. She met up with the man, and he spent the entire meal telling her about some creepy war game he plays. He must have been sharing a bit too much, because from her description of his description, he plays weekly Diplomacy, not Risk or 40K, which were my original guesses.

“Really, he’s a grown man!” she said. “Playing war games with kids! Honestly, would you date someone like that?”

I changed the subject.

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  1. Jay Adan says:

    It’s kinda funny how people differ on subjects like this. I mean, my wife not only dated somebody like this, she married him. And he STILL plays games with kids on a weekly basis.

    If you didn’t grow up around it I guess it’s just too different…

  2. Meg says:

    I don’t understand why a weekly d&d night is considered creepy but weekly bowling league isn’t. Isn’t it basically the same thing? (Plus I’d rather talk to someone about gaming than “So you rolled the heavy ball in a straight line? Um, that’s good, honey!”)

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