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Stick just sent me a link to this MSN dating article, in which a girlfriend writes for advice on dealing with her computer game-addicted boy. In the spirit of Dear Abby’s Wastebasket, I’ve written a different answer.

Dear Tired,

Did you notice your boy’s fixation with videogames before shacking up? I mean, you must have dated him for at least a little while before moving in. Did he spend every waking moment playing City of Heroes or EverCrack then? You didn’t expect him to change because you moved in, did you?

Consider cultivating your own hobbies. What are you doing in the evenings while Boyfriend is slaying Defias Bandits? I mean besides sighing loudly and writing to Break Up Girl. You must have done something for fun before Boyfriend came along, try doing it again.

How about asking your boy to teach you to play too? MMORPGs are a fun way to bond with your boy. When you’re playing a multi-player game, you have to work as a team, solve problems together, deal with failure and share successes. So his gaming skills are pretty important relationship skills too. World of WarCraft and Guild Wars are very girl-friendly online games to get you started.

But if your boyfriend doesn’t realize that dinner time and plans with you come first, even though his teammates need a defender to get them through Perez Park, then he’s not a gamer, he’s a jerk.


Sidenote to Lynn Harris:

I thought BreakUpGirl was the coolest superhero and I was so sad when you stopped updating! But you really let me down when you suggested that those who play videogames aren’t mature enough for a real relationship.

Sidenote to Stick:

Why were you reading “my SO plays too many videogames” advice letters? Are you trying to tell me something?

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  1. Jay Adan says:

    I often wonder if Stick realizes how lucky he is… 🙂

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