It’s not a new job until you almost flash someone.

My class today was three Korean students. They call me Professor McGonagall, in Korean this time — and why does everyone do that? Is it that all Westerners look alike? Does “Meg” sound that much like “McGonagall”? Do I radiate nerd? Should I stop giving ten points to Gryffindor for correct answer?

They have English names, but I told them if they call me Mcgonagall, I’m going to call them Ron, Harry and Hermione. Harry and Ron got in a little scuffle over this, but I was firm. Whoever has black hair, glasses and a scar gets to be Harry.

I came back into the teachers’ office after my class, and I was about to sit down at Zorro’s desk. (I don’t have my own computer yet so I’ve been floating around on my colleague’s) I pulled back the chair and was about to sit down when Zorro’s voice came from under the desk:

“Are the kids gone?”

“We’re in a school, so I’m going to have to say no.” I said, sitting down at David’s desk and pretending I didn’t almost flash Zorro.

“I mean Ron. Did he leave?”


“Great,” Zorro climbs out from under the desk. “He keeps asking me for mini-pizzas. I gave him one yesterday, but I don’t want to give him ALL of mine! And now he wants me to take him to the import shop so he can get his own!”

I go to shut the office door, just in case there were any pizza-eating rugrats around. And then I asked the question any girl who found someone hiding under a desk would ask.

“Did you say mini-pizzas?”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excuse me English, what means “flash someone”?

  2. Anonymous says:

    “To expose oneself in an indecent manner.” []

  3. chau says:

    I wonder how pizza with kimchi topping tastes like?

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