Tragically Unhip

Most days, I don’t feel like an adult. I think that’s because I play games all day. As the teacher, it’s even more important to spit out my gum before class, and I have to remember to confiscate cards instead of playing them.

My friend Kristin sent me about a thousand Consumating invitations, and finally I had to give in. I kind of like their tagline “find people who don’t suck” but when I started to sign up, I realized I’m too old for this.

Consumating asks users to tag themselves with their favorite things, but I can’t be bothered to type up a list of bands, movies, TV shows and books. I don’t really want to be a list of obscure references that only other cool people will get. I don’t have a witty one-liner. I don’t have song lyrics to match my moods. I don’t have amusing answers to the weekly question. Basically, I’m not cool enough to have internet friends.

But I love Kristin so you can find me, tagged officially-too-old-for-this.

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  1. harrison says:

    You summarized the problem perfectly. Many of these new sites are primarily about the cutting edge and ultra-cool. Almost a competition to one-up each other. This feels liks a youthful obsession that fades with more mature webizens.

  2. The Humanaught says:

    at least you’re not 38 years old and never kissed a girl.

    I’ve been meaning to download the ‘Day For Night’ album for months now, thanks for the reminder.

    And if this makes no sense to anyone, including you Meg… ummm… Yantai, sunny retreat or wintery isolation? Discuss.

  3. Kristin says:

    I don’t think you’re too old for this. Many people don’t tag themselves with band names, movies, etc. I do, because, well, I’m a dork. If you browse around, many of the inhabitants are late 20-somethings to late 30 somethings. One of my friends on there is in her 40s. Very little under 21s, which is the complete opposite of myspace, which is just a plethora of teenage angst, etc. *shudder*

    It takes a little time to get into the groove. Give it a month. Talk a little in threads. Participate in questions…I think you’ll find hanging out on consummating is like hanging with the gamer boys on a Friday night at Eric’s apartment.

    Minus the slinky. And the N64. And a plasma rifle.

    Love you and thank you for joining me in my latest addiction.

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