The Best Stuff On Earth

It was a great day for globalization in the Jiajiayue last night. I was shopping with Dorothy when we saw this:

It’s Snapple! In Yantai! You have no idea how this warmed my little expat heart. Yes, I know you can find Coke in every corner of the planet, but I don’t actually like Coke.

That bottle of strawberry-kiwi goodness cost as much as the rest of my shopping put together (about $3 if you’re counting) but it was totally worth it.

Seeing this Snapple is my own object lesson in globalization, because when I came to China, just under a year ago, there wasn’t any Snapple in the supermarket. Don’t worry, Western products haven’t changed taken over the market, the blood-tracked floor, chicken feet and so forth are still there.

Whenever I hear of China’s groing economy and all the rapid changes in China, I’ll think of Snapple, sold next to chicken feet, noodles and cocoons.

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  1. Katie Rabbit says:

    Questions for you….Were you able to save any money while you were there? Are you going to be able to bring any leftover money home with you? I have no idea how much you got paid, so I figured I’d ask straight out. Just curious! ^__^

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