A New Semester

It’s the beginning of the semester, and I need a new parking pass. At UMass, I go see Marcus but at Local Community College, I end up waiting for a while, trying to catch the attention of one of the employees. When I finally do, she says “Not here, go to the library to pick up your parking pass and ID,” before turning to her AIM-chatting colleague and adding “Which you would know, if you read your orientation packet.”

I giggled and explained I was picking up my Faculty parking pass. YEAH! Despite showing up at eleven for a ten o’clock interveiw , I was hired to teach an ESL class three days a week at LCC! Which is actually not that local for me, but whatever, I’ll drive. I got to quit my temp job today! (It wasn’t horrible, actually it was as nice as a temp job could possibly be, but it’s great not to see endless months of alphabetizing invoices and stuffing envelopes in my future.)

Stick thinks I should see if my awesomely amazing Faculty sticker works like a medical license plate (“Officer, there’s a subject-verb disagreement on the other side of town, and it could turn ugly.”). Also, Stick can’t decide if he wants to call me Professor The Meg or Doctor Girlfriend, and so he compromises by saying things like “Hi Professor the Meg! Doctor Girlfriend, how are you?” In the interests of fairness, I should add that what he usually says is more like “Professor the Meg, could you posssibly not leave your clothes all over the floor, Doctor Girlfriend?” or “Doctor Girlfriend, are you drinking from any of the glasses you’ve accumulated around your computer, Professor the Meg?”

I have to go… I haven’t stared at my Faculty sticker in at least twenty minutes and I have to make sure it’s still there.

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  1. The Humanaught says:

    Hey Meg, congratz! Faculty… it has such a more legitimized ring to it in the West.

  2. Cory says:

    Congrats “Mickey”!!!

  3. dunkelza says:

    Congratulations! I’m glad you got a spot at LCC! Now if only I knew which one that was. 🙂

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