Living With Stick

In China, I blogged and read blogs because I just didn’t have enough English speakers around me. I needed to read TalkTalkChina, Sinosplice, Humanaught, OneManBandWidth and other blogs to remind myself that other people were surviving and exploring the wild East. I started blogging into the vacuum, but then I started to get anti-foreigner hatemail so I knew I was being read.

Here, when I write, I’m a few feet away from Stick on his computer, which means that for every sentence I type, I’ve been subjected to three or four YouTube clips. Look, Meggie! It’s a guy playing a themesong on an unusual instrument! Check this out! It’s a pet acting like a person!

The only time I really get any peace is when he’s in the other room, cleaning up after me.

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0 Responses to Living With Stick

  1. Eric says:

    If you still have that laptop, the dark fuzzy deli place has free wireless.

    It’s either that, or you’re going to find lot of readers sending you confetti for Stick to clean up.

  2. lonnie says:

    Professor the Meg…

    Good to see you…

    Hi from Guangzhou!


  3. Jay Adan says:

    How many times have you seen the video for “White and Nerdy” now?

  4. Meg says:

    We only watch videos one and half times. Stick starts to watch a video of a car knocking a gate over, and then he says “look! look!” and I look, and then he thinks I that I missed the nuanced relationship between the car and the gate, and so he goes back to the beginning to watch it again with me.

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