Fact Or Cr@p?

I just saw this on EastSouthWestNorth a site which translates Chinese news sources into English. Aparently the events happened in July but didn’t receive (blog) attention until this week.

Linan city Qingliangfeng town party secretary Xu had been busy with performing public service and passed away due to mental exhaustion in his car. Another excellent female cadre also laid down her life at the same time. According to information, the party secretary and the female cadre were discussing public business in a car. At the time, the car was out of gas and therefore the air conditioner was not working. Therefore, it was very hot inside in the car which was parked inside a garage. To relieve themselves from the heat, the two took off their clothes to continue discussing public business until they laid down their lives. People are lucky to have such a responsible and diligent party secretary. This party secretary had worked hard for the people, especially with respect to work related to women. The people will remember his accomplishments in their hearts.

Which totally seems like a Chinese Onion article, only the original paper printed a retraction last week.

Horrifically bad news reporting? Or genius parody? Read EastSouthWestNorth’s article and decide.

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  1. Peter says:

    Ha ha ha… Priceless Meg. Tnx for that one.

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