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Last weekend when we went to the Beijing Bookstore, I got Age Of Innocence and Dr Zhivago from the Moonstone English classics series.

I really liked Age Of Innocence. Marcus, I think you should look for this one, although you’ll probably want a different edition. The tragic love story is probably even better without substituting “impotent massage” for “important message.” If anyone from Moonstone is reading this, can I suggest proofreading before publication? Even better, how about hiring me to proofread? It would bring me even closer to my lifelong goal of lying in bed all day, reading books.

As frustrating as all the scheduling surprises this week have been, I guess it’s good that I’ve been busy because Dr. Zhivago is one depressing book. So far it goes funeral, suicide, rail strike… and I think if I keep on with it, it goes revolution, starvation, revolution.

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  1. Bethie says:

    I watched Dr Zhivago after my mouth operation to be sure I wouldn’t accidentally smile. Then I read the book over winter break when I had the flu because I like to sulk. It was depressing. Much more depressing than the movie because it doen’t have a great score!

    -Bethie (duh, who else?)

  2. Meg says:

    now I’m reading Tess Of the d’Urbervilles, which goes poverty, rape, illegitimate child…

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