Six Pomegranate Seeds

It’s odd to see ads for new movies, and know that we’ll be buying them as cheap DVDs in China. It’s even weirder to think of all the other things I’ll miss. I’m sad that I’ll be emailing congratulations for all the engagements, weddings and new babies in the next year. (Fortunately Tryon and Katie had an extra-long engagement so I could go to the wedding!) Disappearing for long periods of time has changed my hang-out-all-the-time college crowd into email friends.

I felt like this right before I went to China last time, but I was trying not to. I felt like I had to defend my decision to go to Yantai for a year, and it was too hard to admit that I had some mixed feelings. I’m excited going back to China — and bringing Stick! — but I’m still heartbroken about everything I’m missing at home.

I knew I shouldn’t have eaten those pomegranate seeds.

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