Stick and I had some last minute errands to run (camera batteries, closed-toe walking shoes, snacks, etc.) before our trip to Hohhot, so we took the bus to the local shopping mall. The market was a disaster with hordes of National Day shoppers.

Actually, the whole thing reminded me of Christmas Eve in the states. There was a festive atmosphere and nice seasonal decorations, but I just wanted to get home before I was crushed by a swarm of frenzied holiday consumers.

I found the shoes I wanted, and began to dig through the pile left by the swarm of shoppers. Chinese shoe sizes are sort of a mystery to me… I pulled off the sandal I was wearing, and found that I’m a 245, but the shelf by the women’s shoes was marked with 20.3 I started to pull slippers off the rack and compare to my sandal, when Stick decided he was tired of shoe-shopping.

“This one’s your size,” Stick said, reaching into the pile and pulling out a perfect pair of black 245 slippers.

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