Important Matters

Why does the new version of Word, with Microsoft Office 2007, default to something that isn’t point 12 Times New Roman?

Sure, there are times when I don’t use Times New Roman, but seriously, the first time I heard of that point 11 Calibri garbage was when we got the new version of Office. It was in a sentence with a question mark and the F word.

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  1. Louise says:


    I personally hate the fact that no matter how many times you change the settings, spellcheck always reverts to the US English spelling. I don’t mind that it is the original default- it’s to be expected- but the choice to change it should be respected in the programming!

    It’s funny how it’s so often the little things in life that bother you so much.

  2. Meg says:

    haha I don’t mind that because otherwise I’d have “colour” and “theater” in the same paper, at least it keeps me consistant. I haven’t tried to change it, though, that would drive me batty.

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