And In Conclusion, I Miss Coffee Coolattas

The problems we’ve been having with management at our school have gotten me thinking about past jobs and other bosses. I know people don’t usually talk about how awesome their bosses are, but I’ve been lucky enough to have some really good ones.

My most recent boss, at LCC, managed by inspiring me to be a better teacher. I wanted to follow the great example she set, she’s dedicated and hardworking. I can’t say that I liked every single person I worked with at LCC (do we ever?) but I really liked the feeling of working with smart people who care about education.

I’ve already said how much I liked working for my manager in Yantai, I wanted to do a good job to make his life easier and make him happy. Also, he was upfront and great about keeping me in the loop. Our head teacher (who’s since left the school and gone to India!) is a gifted teacher, who mentored and encouraged me quite a bit.

My other great “bosses” are my editors, and the editors I’m working with now are also amazing bosses. I have an editor who gives me lots of free reign on my projects, and I recently finished a project for an editor who gave me great structural advice. I guess it’s not surprising that I have good editors, freelancing means I don’t have to take work again from someone who made me crazy the last time!

Yes, I’ve had some zany bosses (the baby giraffe comes to mind) and a lot of managers that weren’t anything special, but I’ve also been spoiled by working for people I can like and respect.

My current job isn’t terrible, but I guess I have different standards for a job in China… if I’m going to do a job that’s essentially same sh!t, different day, I’d like to get an American salary for it. And I’d like to do in a place with Dunkin’ Donuts and Jane magazine.

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  1. Teri says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    You’re not spoiled to want to respect your boss. That’s how it should work.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In China, only foreigners are allowed to not to respect and obey their boss.

    Chinese would never disrespect their boss, like Meg’s topic, life in China

  4. meg says:

    I wouldn’t say that we’re “allowed” to disrespect our bosses, but Americans don’t seem to look up to (I’d even say worship or idolize) their bosses, even good bosses, the way the Chinese do.

  5. Germaine says:

    Except that Jane magazine doesn’t exist anymore. 🙁 Booooo.

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