Blog Housekeeping

Looks like the blue background makes people want to comment. Thanks! Great to hear from you! Except for the one guy who keeps telling me how to buy discount drugs from Canadian pharmacies, I don’t think he realizes I haven’t got those parts. Moving on.

If you’re reading this in a feedreader (ie if you’re in China) then not only are you missing my lovely new background, but the feed’s been pretty troublesome. It seems when I go back to a published post and fix typos improve my deathless prose, old posts reappear as new, making new posts easy to miss and causing general feed-reader havoc. Sorry! Not sure what to do about this one, maybe I should just quit spelling things wrong.

Finally, I installed Google Analytics a while back, which (among other things) lets you see what people were looking for when they came to my site. The most common search terms are variations on Violet Eclipse and my name, closely followed by people searching for shower photos. This misunderstanding is entirely my fault, but honestly, guys, they’re just pictures of the water heater.

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  1. Elliott Ng says:

    Wow, nice blue background. 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s very pretty and blue.

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