New Year’s

My cousin Andrea sent this to me, before I even told her that we spent most of New Year’s Eve one-more-turning with Civ4!

We did take a break in the world-conquering action to go out to dinner with Manfred and Xuemei, at Ganges, the Indian restaurant we like in Haidian. We had a hilarious time with the menu, it turns out Manfred had never had Indian before, so we looked for something not-too-hot that was still tasty and spicy.

At one point, our waiter made a recommendation in English, which I said in (terrible) Chinese to Xuemei, which she told Manfred in German. Manfred commented that we were a really international group, with him from Germany, Xuemei from China, Stick and me from America and the waiters from India.

“Oh, but I’m not Indian,” our waiter said. “I’m from Nepal.”

At least I didn’t give him directions to the wrong embassy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i could imagine when the dish gets deadly hot, you guys curse in “Ta Ma De! Whatever…” in national beijing slogan:-)
    Maybe add some more rrrrr unnecessarily in to the speech which is natural for a Jerrrrsy girrrl to pick up:-)
    You really write a cool blog, usually i ignore any blog that is done by beijingese or who live there:-)


  2. Meg says:

    Haha! Hi #4! Wow you really hate Beijing, all the Olympic adverts about the blue skies and beautification projects must make you extra crazy!

  3. Anonymous says:


    I like the fragrance of the lips of Beijing, that every morning is awaken by Beijing traditional Stinky Tofu 🙂
    I like every lady in Beijing who thinks themselves the most correct accent of Mandarin:-)
    I like the old red walls of old capital city that urinated for generations since Ming and Qing Dynasty:-)
    And I really like the illuminating political culture shines thru every topic of Beijingese 🙂

    I think our Jersey girl is screwed there:-)
    I mean haven’t you picked up the garlic eating habit in Yantai, Sandong province? Add Beijing’s stinky tofu, the girl is pretty favorable 🙂

    For real, are you cooking in Beijing, according to Chinese tradition, the girl must know cooking to get married, don’t go to Shanghai and learn the bad things from those local girls.

    Olympics? Me and my friends are so afraid that Marathon runners are going to get lost in the dusty wind, and they may all need to put on silk scarf to participate too 🙂


    ps. New Jersey Girl Soccer team could beat both Beijing Guo An and Shanghai ShenHua team 🙂

  4. liz says:


    i have been reading your blog for 3 months now, and i have really enjoyed your descriptions of daily life and teaching english. i just arrived in beijing last week. i am studying chinese here for the month of january and then attending college in hangzhou for 4 months.

    check out my blog:

    again, great job with your blog!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Okay, Meg and Liz,

    You guys keep rocking on your blogs!
    I cheer for you two Laowai work in China. Good luck!

    One more tip, get away from the Sichuan food, gonna kill ya.

    I am gonna be off for a while to survive in us. It’s not easy for a laozhong 🙂

    sweet dreams!


  6. Meg says:

    Oh, the stinky tofu! I love having Americans with me when we pass by one of those carts, and I try to convince them that the smell isn’t sewage treatment, it’s food.

    I feel the same way about durian fruit… maybe it’s delicious but I’m not putting it closer to my nose to taste it!

  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree with #4. And that’s why Beijing girl is on the bottom of my dating list. Talk dirty is not same as smell…
    And Shanghai girl don’t know how to cook, all Chinese know, my Mom will not let marry girl from Shanghai.
    How are American girls, they know how to cook?

  8. Meg says:

    I’m a great cook! I cook delicious American food!

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