Not In Kansas Anymore

I just heard about the Edison Chen scandal, it’s a weird reminder that we’re not in the US anymore. The short version of the story is that a Hong Kong actor took some risque shots of himself fooling around with starlets. He kept them on his computer, and everything was fine until he took his computer in for repairs. Somehow these pictures leaked to the internet — which is what you’d expect when you show naked photos of hot actresses to the tech support guy, isn’t it? — and Chen and his lady friends are in hot water.

Naked pictures of celebs in the US is underwhelming news. Britney Spears forgets her undergarments pretty regularly and is there anyone in Hollywood who hasn’t filmed naked time with Paris Hilton? Lots of stars have bounced back from an embarrassing video, and some have even turned a “leak” into celeb status.

In the US, photos of consentual encounters with hot girls would hardly be a disaster for Chen. He might even be doing talk shows and interviews, but Chen plans to retire from show business as a result of the embarrassment. ‘Net rumors say that the girls in the pictures are losing endorsements left and right, and one of the girls in the photos, an actress called Bobo Chan, had her wedding canceled when her fiance’s family found out.

We’re really not in Kansas anymore.

EDIT 2/26: I just put this up in BeijingOlympicsFan. Looks like Gillian Chung won’t be preforming at the Opening Ceremonies.

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