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…spell check doesn’t like Neuromancer. It wants me to change it to Necromancer. I think spell check has been playing too much D&D. …

— Allison

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  1. Athene Numphe says:

    well, it’s true, it doesn’t.

  2. maosbackyard says:

    wot’s a neuromancer? a neurotic romantic?

    and a necromancer?

  3. Athene Numphe says:

    Neuromancer is a book by William Gibson that pretty much defined the cyberpunk genre.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are a dork and I love your blog.

  5. Meg says:

    Neuromancer is a scifi/cyberpunk novel, and a necromancer is a kind of magician (who specializes in dead things), especially in D&D games. I thought it was funny because:

    1) Neuromancer is pretty famous and Necromancer is more obscure

    2) Spellcheck playing D&D is pretty funny

    3) I like to pretend I have a super popular blog where I get lots of fan mail and have a “mailbag” feature

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