Universal Behavior

I did some Mad Libs with my new teenage class. This is secretly a test to sort out English speakers from nodders. I can’t even fault them for faking it… I spent most of my high school chem class pretending I understood what we were doing. Basically, I call out the part of speech, they call out words, then I read the Mad Lib, and I see who laughs at the story, and who nods like it’s serious.

Wonder if that would work in a chemistry class. “Haha! Covalent bonds! That’s what she said!”

Nah. Chemistry just isn’t funny.

I grabbed the Mad Libs from this site, we did the Ghost Story on Monday and the Love Letter on Tuesday. The kids really liked putting each other’s names into the stories… even the nodders got that we were writing a story about their classmates. The kids knew what I was doing the second time, and got a lot more creative with their words.

A little too creative, though, since one of my boys used his pocket translator to look up and then shout “I know a noun! Erection!”

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