What Color Is The Sun?

Yesterday Stick made a bulletin board for his class, showing the kids’ vocab words “morning”, “afternoon” and “evening” with the sun in the obvious positions for each time of day.

“It looks okay,” his TA said when she saw it. “But why did you make the sun yellow?”

“Uh… what color should the sun be?”

“Red, the sun is red.”

So he took down the yellow circles and made red ones.

Edit 3/15 I asked Stick to take a picture of his illustrations of Krypton, but before he could, the school decided to renovate the corkboard on the classroom walls, so his artwork was pulled down. We’ll have to take his word that it was awesome for the 30-odd hours it lasted… isn’t that a day on Tatooine?

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  1. Bill says:

    Ah, Red Sun. Mao must be a prophet – he foresaw all the pollution in China!! Must be sulphur in the air.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Red Star Over China!

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