Hugo And Diana

Hugo and Diana are coming to Beijing next week! I’m so excited! Hugo and Diana are our college friends, we picked our Amherst apartment mostly because we’d live across the parking lot from them. And Hugo was Stick’s roommate most of the time I was in Yantai. I love them so much that if I could pick two people to live in a tiny one-bedroom with us for a month, that’s who I would pick!

Stick, however, is using their visit to make my life miserable. When I ask if he wants to rent a little boat and go out on the lake, he says no, we’ll do it with Hugo and Diana. He doesn’t want to check out the drum tower, the bell tower, Jingshan park or any of the cool landmarks near our new house, because we’ll go with Hugo and Diana. He doesn’t want to eat hotpot or go to Ganges because GUESS WHY.

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  1. YAY we're so excited!!! it's ok Meg, we will be there soon and then Chris has no excuse! :oPHugo & the Lady Friend

  2. Meg Stivison says:

    YEAH! I can't wait to see you two!!!

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