Obligatory Election Comments

I really resented the vote-with-your-ovaries movement among Hilary supporters. A woman president would be nice, but I found the idea that women are a cohesive voting group who should all pick Hilary based on gender kind of demeaning. Not entirely sure why this bothered me so much, since I go out of my way to connect with and to support other women in the mostly-male worlds of China expats and videogamers. Hilary is all right, but I’d like more from a presidential candidate than shared bra-shopping experience.

Everything negative that Hilary and the republicans said about Obama’s lack of experience backfired with me. Probably not just me, probably other people disappointed by entry-level jobs and looking wistfully at the positions available to those with more experience. (Am I the only person who cringes at those success stories about slowly working one’s way from minimum-wage mail clerk all the way up to management? I’m not, am I? Tell me a lifetime of waiting for a promotion makes you feel just a little bit dead inside, too.) I think references to Obama’s lack of experience just make a stronger connection to twentysomethings.

Obama’s really made an “us” feeling with this references to growing up struggling, working while in school, and so forth. It would be great at any time to see an alternative to rich old men, but it’s even sharper focus with McCain’s recent goof about the number of houses he owns. That was an unlucky soundbite for McCain, but there’s just no “us” connection with someone who’s got so much stuff he can’t keep track of it all. I know Obama isn’t exactly struggling to put gas in his car now, but he’s been broke in his life. When I mentioned this to Stick, he said that he doesn’t feel connected to McCain even though they were both in the military because McCain was an officer.* And beyond Obama’s message, his use of texting, blogging and Facebook really shows a level of connection to everyday people** and not faceless corporations, without going the faux-folksy Bush route.

I know that an election race is 99% show, but I’m thrilled to see a candidate who cares to put on the show for twentysomethings. I’m a bit worried about whether the Facebook-friending college-age crowd will actually register to vote and show up at the polls, though.

*Hope it doesn’t ruin my feminist rant to add “And my boyfriend thinks…” in the middle.

** Everyday people  = Blog and twitter nerds

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21 Responses to Obligatory Election Comments

  1. I’m guessing that McCain’s selection of a female running mate didn’t turn your head either 😉

  2. window tint says:

    A female doctor friend of mine turns to me and tells me that Michelle Obama turns her off on Barack.

    I explain to her Michelle’s upbringing and how she turned down a law firm job to do community building work. I contrast this with Cindy McCain’s background. I also point out that Barack, not Michelle, is running for president.

    My female doctor friend then comments negatively on Michelle’s muscular physique.

    I go into depression.

  3. Meg says:

    @ Brendan Nope! I don’t think I could disagree with her positions more if I tried!

    @ Window I thought a certain president’s bedroom activities were totally unrelated to his capabilities… but a president’s wife’s figure REALLY has no bearing. Hard to take “but his wife’s ugly!” as a serious comment!

  4. Stuart says:

    Yeah, McCain has led a struggle-free life of luxury that’s for sure. I heard they had free room service and daily massages at the “Hanoi Hilton”.

  5. Meg says:

    @ Stuart I hope that my comments didn’t come off as “That McCain sure is a coward!”

  6. Andrea says:

    Meg, your comments did not come off as “McCain is a coward”. For McCain & many of his supporters, throwing the POW card up is the only defense they have. While I appreciate McCain’s service, and while I feel terrible that he was a POW for for so long, I agree with Gen Clark – being a POW does not qualify you to be president. And while he had tough times then, his life since he got back (and arguably his life before as well) has been something that most people can’t identify with. Obama certainly wasn’t my 1st (or 2nd or 3rd, really) choice for the Dems, but at least he *gets* it, because he’s been there.

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  9. window tint says:

    Hmm.. I thought the topic was the women’s perspective. A bit defensive Stu?

  10. Meg says:

    @Andrea Thanks! Thoughts on Palin yet?

    @ Tint This is not meant to be a generic all-women-think-like-this, in fact, I REALLY dislike the idea that uterus-owners are a cohesive voting group. It’s just what this tech-friendly twentysomething girl thinks.

  11. window tint says:

    @ Meg I understand that, and I wanted to present a twenty-something girl (albeit late twentysomething) that had a different perspective about the campaigns than you.

    @ Andrea. Well said. Tom Tomorrow also echoes the sentiment.

  12. Andrea says:

    @ Meg – I wonder if she’ll last as VP, since it doesn’t seem like she was actually vetted. My personal thoughts? She scares the heck out of me! Anti-Abortion (with NO exceptions!), for teaching Creationism in schools, and a global warming denier. The more I read, the more I realize she wasn’t picked to try to get the disaffected Hillary voters, but to pull in the far right McCain’s been having problems with.

    @ Tint – Thanks! And I hadn’t seen that Tom Tomorrow yet, thanks for the link!

  13. Meg says:

    @Andrea I know! I disagree with her on abortion, education funding (Meg: Give all your money to teachers! Sarah Palin: No), global warming, creationism in (underfunded) classrooms, etc. Pretty much the only thing we agree on is glasses frames, hurray for not wearing contacts!

    However, I think her daughter’s pregnancy is a GREAT thing for keeping abortion legal. Er, not that she should have one, just that unplanned pregnancy happens to nice girls from good families, not some distant Bad Slutty Girls who should know better.

    @Tint Nice comic! Just forwarded that one around.

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