Legally Southern

I got my North Carolina driver’s license yesterday. I just can’t get over how polite and friendly people are here, even in the DMV. It was still a long process, partly because nothing n North Carolina moves quickly, and partly because I was trying to use a Yankee license and a Yankee checkbook, and I don’t have the same last name as the main policyholder on the car insurance. (Is it bad to get married because the paperwork is driving me nuts?)

Out-of-state drivers need to take a written test to get a North Carolina license. One of the questions was about how to pass farm equipment on the road… I guess I’m not in Montclair anymore Most of the questions are pretty simple, here are some sample questions.

Question 1. You are driving along and you see a charging elephant! You should:

A – Act like an aggressive jerk

B – Behave courteously towards the elephant

C – Banana

Question 2. If you get 9 naughty points on your license in 7 years, or 6 points in 5 years following a suspended license or 11 points in 11 years if you’re a Libra, and you are pulled over for an additional moving violation, resulting in 6 more naughty points, what will happen?

A – The cop will be happy.

B – The cop will be sad.

C – The first train arrived in Detroit 2 hours after the second train.

Although I did have to skip a couple questions about what to do in poor driving conditions because there wasn’t any D. – Ask Stick to drive option.

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  1. Athene says:

    Dude, I’ve been saying for like over a year that the two of you should sign the damn paperwork already. You can have the party later.

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