Voter Registration

Today I called to find out where I go to register to vote (there are voter registration drives all over the place but I always see them when I’m in hurrying to class or to pick up Stick) and I found out that North Carolina has in-person early voting, which means that for most of October, NC residents can go to special pre-voting spots to register to vote and then vote ahead of time. It’s like a little prize for being disorganized.

Anything to avoid a trip to the DMV!  It’s also good because if you miss the October 10th deadline for regular voter registration, you can get a second chance to vote at the walk-in early voting between October 19th and the Saturday before election day. (Not sure how they came up with that time period) The locations and opening hours for special early voting in Wake County are listed here, I don’t really know the rules of other counties. Because early, walk-in voting goes on for a couple weeks, I don’t expect any election-day crowds.

Just in case my Twitter buddy Barack is reading, I would parallel park for you too, but now I won’t have to!

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