The Wonders Of Technology

“Can you get on Facebook and give me Josh and Terri’s address?” I asked Stick a week before Christmas. We were sitting in the living room right before Christmas, with a gorgeous fire going, as I prepared our very first joint Christmas cards.  I got lovely seasonal ones, festive without excessive Santa greed, non-denominational without being cheerlessly politically correct.

“Sure,” Stick said, loading Facebook. Thank goodness for Facebook, because otherwise people like me who move a lot and are totally irresponsible would have trouble keeping up with everyone. “Look, there’s a Burger King perfume! Can you believe that?”

“Can I have Hugo and Diana‘s address too?” I wished some of our classics friends a good Saturnalia, and some pagan friends a good Solstice.

“Sorry, I got sidetracked. What did you need? Hey, look, movie scenes done in stick figures!”

I wrote a card to Isabelle.

“Whoa! Listen! Which 80’s movie are you?”

“Now I need Josh and Terri, Hugo and Diana, and I need the King-Learys’ address too.” (Note: I am often accused of exaggerating on this blog, so I’m letting you know that I did not make that up. I’ve been trying to convince them to hyphenate for years, since the King-Leary wedding.) “The Egglestons, and Steph and Jeff, my cousins, and both your brothers.”

“Ok, just as soon as I take this quiz to find out which Lord Of The Rings character I am.”

Maybe I ought to get an address book.

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  2. Allison says:

    We are not the King-Leary’s. We are the Kings. We didn’t hyphenate and we’re not going to (even if I do actually like the name Cordelia). So there! 😛

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