21 thoughts on “Awesome Street

  1. This would make me lose grasp of reality:
    “Oh, you need my address? It’s #1 Awsome Street; Super Cool Sunshine Land, Fantsticusetts 013(I rule!)63… Yes, the “I rule!” is part of the zip code.”

  2. I think YOU would live in Optimist Field.

    I wonder if I could rent a mailbox from the people on Awesome Street, just to put “Meg Stivison, 7 Awesome Street” on my business cards and return address labels.

  3. :o

    I’ll sure try to go to the US just to enjoy the privilege of being in the AWESOME STREET.

    Please note that I am from Portugal :P

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  5. Meg — we’re having a private “streetwarming” party on Awesome Street in a few weeks and we’d love to invite you. Email me if you like and I’ll have an invitation sent to you.

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