I went to the post office this morning to send Eric and Allison some extremely overdue gifts from China, and do my first Akoha missions. (Thanks to CT at Gypsy Bandito for sending me the deck!) Akoha’s a beta blend of social media and trading card game, with real-life missions like giving someone a book or a lightsaber, or inviting someone for drinks or coffee.

I’ll tell you which Akoha missions I did once my packages arrive and I’m not ruining the surprise… But, no, Eric, you’re not getting a lightsaber in the mail.

There’s not really a lot of recreational shopping going on at the post office, and Lunar New Year was in January, but when I saw these pretty ox year stamps, I had to get them.

The way I am with mail, you can expect to see one on your Christmas card.

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  1. Germaine says:

    I am totally intrigued by this Akoha thing (if simply for the fact that it rhymes with Aloha!). The concept sounds like BookCrossing meets Pay-It-Forward meets Magic the Gathering/some other crazy card game. I kind of want to start…but I’m afraid I might get sucked in. :-/

  2. Wabres says:

    “But, no, Eric, you’re not getting a lightsaber in the mail.”
    I don’t think the post would allow you to ship one anyway.

  3. CT Moore says:

    Happy you’re enjoying them, Meg. Unfortunately, only 3 of the 5 decks I sent out made it to their destinations; but at least yours made it to you…

  4. Meg says:

    @ Germaine Email me your address and you might be sucked in!

  5. kevin says:

    I never heard of Akoha before. When does the beta end and the real launch start?

  6. CT Moore says:

    What’s your akoha username?

  7. Meg says:

    Boudiccae, what’s yours?

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