Pokemon Detractors

We gave our students a practice verbal SAT test in class this week.

“What does circumlocution mean?” asked one student, who wrote a hilarious career essay on becoming a successful Pokemon master.

“I can’t tell you that,” I said, “I won’t be next to you on the real test.”

“I could summon you from a Pokeball. Miss Meg, I choose you!”

“Then I would appear and tell you to break it down into smaller parts! Look for roots you know. What does circum mean? What other worlds have locu?”

Circum is like circle and locution is like elocution. So… it means talking in circles?”

“I can’t tell you the answers, Ash Ketchum. The more word parts you know, the better you’ll be at this.”

“Gotta catch ’em all!”

Another student raises his hand. “Miss Meg, what’s detractor mean?”

“I can’t tell you kids the vocabulary words! Try to break it into smaller pieces.”


“It starts with de. What does de usually mean? What other words have tract?”

“Oh! So it’s someone who takes apart a tractor! Thanks, Miss Meg!”

If only I could get back to privacy of my Pokeball to laugh.

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0 Responses to Pokemon Detractors

  1. Sven says:


    Your adventures continue to be hilarious.


  2. Meg says:

    HI SVEN!! Glad you enjoy my adventures! How are yours going? Still sustaining (and walking off) horrific rugby injuries?

  3. Still in China says:

    good to see you are still having ESL adventures in the US

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