Playing Quidditch

“Stick? Can you play Quidditch for me?”

I recently rented Harry Potter for the DS, and the Quidditch parts are just as annoying as they are in the books and movies. Unlike the books and movies, I can’t flip a few pages or fast forward to when Gryffindor wins the Quidditch Cup.

The Quidditch World Cup is, coincidentally, when Stick stopped reading the books.

(I want to review the game, but my love of all things Harry Potter makes me biased, and completely able to overlook the fact that the first dozen or so missions involve running around Hogwarts picking up items and delivering them to different people. You get to use the Marauders’ Map as a GPS so it’s ok.)

When I get to a minigame I don’t like on the Nintendo DS, like the bug-squashing part in Sims Castaway, I can just hand the console over to Stick. He played for a while, complained about stupid Quidditch, and finally finished.

“I’m done. And Ginny Weasley says she wishes she had a reusable hangman.”

“Oh, man, just ’cause she’s my girlfriend I’m going to have run all around Hogwarts doing stupid tasks for her.”

“Welcome to my world.” Stick said.

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