A New One For The Baby Name Book

Fake AP Stylebook helps differentiate Gelt and Guilt

Our first-grader niece Isabelle asked Santa for a Snuggie (without irony) and a dreidel. We’d already gotten her a gift, but I’m hoping to spread the traditional Christmas latkes to the Malavette clan, so Stick went out searching for a dreidel.

He tried a few places before looking at the local K-Mart. Because, what could be more Jewish than a North Carolina K-Mart? Somehow I don’t expect this shopping trip to work out well for Stick. “Do you carry dreidels?” he asked an employee, after searching for a while.

“A what?”

“A four-sided top with Hebrew writing on it. Usually comes with gold-foil chocolate coins.”

“Dray-dell. I don’t think so.” she said, then called over to her co-worker. “Hey! We got dreidel?”

“Dreidel? She ain’t working today,” was the definitive reply.

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  1. *facepalm*

    Yeah, finding any sort of Judaica around here is pretty tough. You should see what I go through every year when I finally remember I need to buy candles for the menorah. . .

    However, I know Target and (of all places) Wal-mart had a few dreidels when I was there last. Granted, they were plastic, but desperate times and all that jazz. *shrugs* Do let us know if he succeeded, will you?

  2. Meg says:

    Target, huh? I’ll check next time I’m there. We’d already gotten her a Christmas gift (not a Snuggie, a game), but when she asked specifically for a dreidel we wanted to find her one!

    I’m actually only 1/4th Jewish, and my love for challah and kvetching is entirely cultural, more familiarity than faith.

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