In Transit

Packing (verb) — Throwing the absolute minimum amount of wash-in-the-sink-and-hang-dry t-shirts in a bag, so I can leave maximum space for hair products and books.

Once again, I forgot to take my shampoo and conditioner and lotion and mouthwash and antiseptic out of my carryon and put them in a little plastic bag, and put the plastic bag on the belt separately, and once again, I went straight through security.

I’ve thought airline security was a bit ridiculous since I was caught with an oversize lotion (I forgot! Again! Because it’s stupid!) and I was allowed to take it on plane after explaining to the TSA agent that it was my very favorite lotion. Homeland Security can be totally thwarted by asking the security agent “Smell this lotion! Isn’t it nice? Wouldn’t you be sad to have to throw it away?” (This does not make the entire shoe-removal and baggage x-ray into a farce! No terrorists would ever think of saying please!)

But I hit a new low yesterday on the flight to Los Angeles, when the flight attendant made an announcement that she’d misplaced the corkscrew for first class, and did anyone happen to have one?

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  1. Andrea says:

    Ha! So did anybody turn over a Swiss Army Knife with the corkscrew implement? That would be just perfect.

    But to more important things – Have you seen Civ5 yet??? 🙂
    Oh, and Ian would like to know about Portal 2 – any release date beyond “2011”?

  2. Meg says:

    I know nothing about Portal 2 — too many things to see and do!

    I also don’t know if anyone had smuggled one on, she didn’t make an announcement that a sharp implement had been found, but she also didn’t ask again.

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