With Benefits

Almost as soon as I moved back north, I got into this… situation. I hesitate to call it a “relationship” because the other party made it pretty clear that I couldn’t make any demands. We’d see each other when we saw each other, ok, and even though things were great when we were together, everything happens on the other party’s schedule, when they happen at all.

Some of my friends, who’d been in similar non-relationships or who were familiar with the other party, warned me that my situation might seem good now, and seemed like a complete shift from Raleigh life, but that in a few months, I’d be upset about it. The other party would be unreliable, I’d find myself in places I didn’t want to be, information from the other party would change at the last minute, with no warning, and the whole thing would go from no-strings convenience to endless frustration.

I thought I could handle it. I didn’t mind the other people, really I didn’t. My needs are pretty simple, and I didn’t want to get into a whole complicated thing, you know?

But recently, I’ve started to want more. The unreliable schedule and the poor communication is really starting to wear on me.

So that’s why I’m not taking the DeCamp into the city anymore.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Me too! Where’s the steamy naked part?

  3. Meg says:

    What? Did you think I was talking about something else?!!?

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