Save GameTunnel!

GameTunnel was one of the first websites that focused on the indie gaming scene. It was founded in 2002 and had years of great coverage, monthly game roundups, game of the year awards, indie game reviews and more. The founder of the site left a few years ago and the new owners tried to carry on the site’s monthly coverage and legacy, but eventually got overwhelmed and stopped generating new content back in September of 2009.

Indie Game Magazine to the rescue!

Everyone here at the Indie Game Mag had been fans of GameTunnel and checked in on the website monthly and were sad to see the indie coverage drop off. Eventually, we got in contact with the site owners and ended up buying the site…

Like every other exciting indie games project, this one needs funding. Mike Gnade, my editor at IGM and an awesome guy in the indie games community, set up a Kickstarter page for the project.

Via Kickstarter

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