I met up with my high-school friend Roy and some of his visiting friends at Katz Deli, where we ate piles of deli meat and exchanged expat stories. Expat stories are are like regular stories, only with more “at the Kazahkstan border crossing” and “then he got deported” involved.

“I can’t eat any more of this,” I finally said. “It’s delicious, but I can actually hear my arteries clogging.”

“Don’t worry, Meg,” Roy said, “By the time we’re old, we’ll be able to buy new cybertronic organs. And nanobots will maintain them.”

“You’re so right! I don’t have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I just need to be fit enough that nanobots catch up before these fries do! Yay for science!”

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  1. Thanatos says:

    My wife had a similar consolation for me today! I was whining about a twisted ankle, and fearing how miserable I’ll be when I’m old and disabled. She told me “Don’t worry. By then you’ll have robot legs.” Made me feel a little better.

  2. Hey Meg we shud try to meet some day may be after June4th..

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