Secret Superpowers

My recent travels have taught me about real in-room wifi, and on this trip,  after my much-dreaded presentation, I alao learned that “close to the airport” is secret code for “on a highway between Hooters and a strip club.” My hotel was the textbook definition of dank and seedy, not actually unsafe, just filled with employees and guests who wanted to be anywhere but.

I’d asked the disinterested desk clerk about places to eat that weren’t Hooters, and was handed a menu for Chinese delivery.  Upstairs in my room, I called for delivery, but the person who answered didn’t speak much English. Or any English.

Deng e xia,” I said, “Ge wo…” My Mandarin ability was never much, and is a bit rusty, but I can definitely order the food I like!

So, I might not have room-working social skills or a bazillion dollars, but I’m pretty happy with the skills I’ve got.


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  1. I want to stay at a hotel that’s “close to the airport!”

  2. Becky says:

    Lol! Talk about a useful superpower! It must have been pretty authentic, if the order-taker didn’t have any English.

  3. Meg says:

    it was pretty generic Chinese, actually, but it served my major purpose — feelings skilled again after going way outside my comfort zone.

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