“You’ll like this place,” Figment tells me.  Figment and Jim, a filmmaker friend, have picked me up one night after E3 for dinner.  “Barney’s Beanery. It has the longest menu imaginable, it would take hours just to read everything on the menu. Whenever I come here, we always try to guess how long it would take to eat everything they offer.”

I love whenever Figment describes Los Angeles locations to me. He loves LA so much, he describes places like the Santa Monica pier was built to his specifications, or like Hollywood hotspots are trendy because he says so.

“Oh, I’m checking in on SCVNGR!” I say. “Then the internet will know I’m  cool!” (Because I don’t yet have the Auto-Cool Twitter App)

“I’m on SCVNGR too!” Jim says, “I’m going to check in here now,”

“Let’s do social check-in! I never get to do social check-in because most of my friends are on FourSquare!”

“You guys should really look at the menu,” Figment suggests, completely failing to get out his phone and play too.

“Are you on FourSquare, Meg?”

“No, I don’t really feel like being the mayor of anything,”

“But FourSquare does offer more prizes.”

“Take a look at the menu, guys, it’s pretty extensive.”

There is a conversational pause. (Hint: I’m not really looking at the menu.)

“Hmm, I’ve never made an SCVNGR challenge question.”

“Let’s do it now! Let’s ask Figment’s question!”

“My question about when you two are going to look at the menu?”

“No, Figment, your question about how long it would take to eat everything on it. I’m adding it now.”

“Is your challenge live?” Jim asked.

“Yes! Are you answering my challenge?”

“Yes! Are you reading my answer?”

“Yes! Now I’m going to plus-one your answer!”

“Guys. Seriously. At least a drink order.”

Can there be any better proof of how mobile apps, social media and online communities add so much to our lives?

Barney's Beanery on Urbanspoon

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0 Responses to SCVNGR

  1. Darktouch says:

    But did you get free chips?

  2. Meg says:

    Ooh, does the mayor get free chips?

  3. Darktouch says:

    At California Tortilla (In DC anyway) anyone who checks in with foursquare gets free chips mayor or not.

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  5. Matthew Hyde says:

    I’m not on Foursquare, SCVNGR or anything like that. I’m starting to think I might be the only one…

    (Barney’s Beanery sounds great though!)

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