ChinesePod, OpenStudy and Education

I’ve got a new piece over on Dialect Magazine, talking about ChinesePod, OpenStudy, education for its own sake, and the most annoying website add-on I’ve seen since autoloading music (No, it’s not ChinesePod or OpenStudy).

Tech-enabled students set their own educational pace, jumping to the lectures that most interest them, without sitting through 100-level prereqs first, and are able to focus on educational content, not passing exams.

With free access, freemium services, or modest pricing, these educational technologies are almost always available on your smartphone, on the way to work, to make self-guided education completely accessible. Learning Chinese, studying physics or just listening to a one-off lecture, is now totally within reach.

Via CyberCulture: OpenStudy | ChinesePod | TwoChop | Dialect Magazine


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