My bank likes to shut off my account for potential fraud. This is for my protection,  it’s usually set off when I do potentially fraudulent things, like travel, buy expensive things, or shop online, and it probably happens to me extra, because I’m the only account holder who has ever traveled to a different state, saved up for a big purchase, or bought something online. I’m not sure if they’re protecting me from thieves, but I figure if potential robbers have as much difficulty getting to my checking account as I do, I’m probably safe.

Anyway, it’s been an inconvenient a few times to be traveling and lose access to my debit card, so I planned ahead and took out extra cash before I left for Denver.

I just got a message that a suspiciously large withdrawal has been made, and… could I call immediately to have continued access to my account?

I am seriously contemplating putting all my money under my mattress.

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