I Don’t Get It

Whenever someone tells a really obvious, off-color joke, Stick will look at them, cock his head to the side, look blank for a moment, and deadpan “I don’t get it.”

He says this a lot. Actually, he says this so much that somehow I’d somehow forgotten that Stick is the only person who says this. And, you might not know this from my blog, but Stick is actually not known by the entire world.

So today a bad-punning coworker made a stupid comment, and I followed it up by telling him I don’t get it.  There was a dead silence for a second, and then riotous laughter from the rest of the office.

Jokes on them all, though. That’s not even my line.

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  1. Lexton says:

    Damnit, I miss both of you guys.

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