Circle Back

My game design class goes out to a pub after Wednesday night class. Last time I ended up talking with a woman I really admire, and talking about working in tech, and somehow got onto the subject of corporate communications.

I admitted that sometimes I can’t fully understand what’s being said. This is embarrassing, and I’m not trying to be completely non-corporate hipster creative here, but there are clearly layers of nuance here that I’m just plain missing. At what time does one circle back, and will it require facetime or just dialoguing? Am I meant to be taking notes on our actionable items or just the next steps going forward?

“It’s a specialized vocabulary,” She agreed. “Loop me in. Or circle around.”

“Touch base.”

“Reach out!”

At this point, another classmate overheard us and joined in.


“Risk averse!”

The best part of this is that now, when someone tells me they’ll need to touch base, or circle back, or dialogue with someone, I just smile and think of sitting in the pub with my friends.

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