For Exposure

Hey, guys, which came first?

Prefix’s post this morning on how Amanda Palmer doesn’t pay her backup musicians , including the brilliant snark at her cheapness:

Palmer sought to crowdsource each city she stopped in to get the instruments she wanted for her live set. One can see how this would cut costs; not only is the tour bus less crowded, but lodging is easier the fewer people you’re traveling with. Oh, and not paying the musicians for their sets helps, too.


Gawker’s post this morning on how Prefix doesn’t pay their writers decently, including the brilliant snark at their cheapness:

Anyone lucky enough to get hired will be expected to write at least three 200-plus-word posts a day, for which they will be compensated $2 per post. Think of it, recent J-school grads: All you’d need to do is write 10,000 words a week and you’re looking at a cool $100.

Really not sure which one was posted first, if one is a reaction to the other.Could be that the Gawker writer is a Dresden Dolls fan annoyed by the Prefix piece and who wants readers to know that Prefix are supercheap to their talent too, or if the Prefix writer is responded to the Gawker attack by pointing out other people are supercheap to their talent, too. Could be just a pretty awkward coincidence for Prefix, but either way it’s a pretty depressing morning for folks hoping to make a living with their creative work.

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5 Responses to For Exposure

  1. MantisBot says:

    A friend of mine pointed out that Amanda Palmer business to me. Really pushing the envelope, that one. Not only are musicians expected to give away their music for free (ya know, cause we only do it because we love music and it’s like handing out business cards) but now we’re supposed to play major shows without being offered anything more than the vague hope of “decent exposure?”

    I’m about to get some indecent exposure of the literary kind going on here…

    Fuck you Amanda Palmer. Take your $1,000,000 and shove it up your keister ’cause what you’re doing is just wrong.

    • Meg says:

      Heh. Same for writers. You can love it, and still want to make a living.

      Promised expose is always bullshit. I already have a place to “share my views with readers” and “gain valuable experience” and I’m pretty sure my WordPress blog looks just as “good on a resume” as a would-be editor’s.

  2. Bill Olander says:

    “I’m giving you exposure.” Seems to be the first hurdle most artists of any stripe have to get around. I’ve never seen is as anything more than just crassness.

    • Meg says:

      Sadly, I can’t get anyone to accept my “exposure” as legal tender. I tried to get free coffee by telling the barista that I’d let her put her byline on my cup, and she still said no.

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