Stranger Than

A headline this morning made me realize that I’m literally unable to tell truth from fiction anymore.

This started when some friends blogged about a bacon sundae at Burger King and I didn’t know if they were kidding or serious.  Was it just my expat circle kidding around about home food they were missing? Making a point about fast food culture? Or actually taking pictures of a real thing in a real restaurant?

Then, Harold and I we were traveling when the whole Clint Eastwood talking to a chair thing  happened (that is a very odd phrase to type), so I first heard about it through social media. For a while, I legitimately thought it was a metaphor my liberal friends were using to describe the RNC.

Here in New York, there was a shooting by my old office in which NYPD cops accidentally shot nine bystanders, and then the mayor passed a law banning extra large sodas. Sometimes these headlines run side-by-side.

Pretty much when I read news now, I wonder what’s a clever parody of American life and what’s true.

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