Because 15-502 Was Taken?

“We’re getting on 15-501 now.” Harold says. He likes to point out landmarks to help me find my way around, which is very sweet.  He also likes to ask me if I recognize where we are, but doesn’t seem to appreciate either North Carolina or on a highway even though they are factually accurate answers.

“Weren’t we already on 15-501?” I ask.

“Oh, that was the 15-501 business highway. This is the 15-501 express highway now.”

“Look, Harold, I was trying to overlook how odd it is to have one highway with two names. But having two highways with the same name seems needlessly awkward. And two highways with the same name that’s ACTUALLY TWO NAMES is just ridiculous.”

Look, I didn't make this shirt!



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5 Responses to Because 15-502 Was Taken?

  1. Wabres says:

    congratulations, I think you may have found your way to the Shivering Isles. You might want to go talk to the man in the room made out of butterflies again.

  2. Bill says:

    I think some states have roads built to suit the personalities of the people who live there. I think that’s especially true with people who move into the DC area. VA vs. DC vs. MD roads are all very different and apply to different mindsets.

  3. bridget says:

    It’s the Law of Conservation and Entropy of Highway Names: the number of highway names shall remain constant, but also shall increase in disorder and shall move to other highways.

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