And This Is Crazy

Sometimes, Harold sings songs to me. My favourite is when he’s singing a Star Trek theme, and I almost recognize it and ask which one it is, and he sings the name of the show into the theme music.  (Actually, he started doing this at Next Island, before we started dating, to crack me up when I had deadline stress.)

He’ll also sing songs and change some of the words.

Harold: Hi baby
You can blog about the subway song if you want to.
Meg: Oh, that’s right!
I forget the details, can you sing it again?
Harold: I like driving in cars
though it limits visiting bars
and OH by the way
the G train sucks
it is for the ducks
Tell me about service delays!
MTA I just met you and this is crazy
but it takes less time
to walk there maybe
Harold: that – I think – is the subway song
Meg: No, I think it goes
“Hey! There’s never parking!
And you all drive crazy!
This is a subway.
Let’s build one maybe!”
Harold: You can blog about both

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